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Listed below are the current and past syllabi for courses. Please note that course syllabi sometimes change during a semester and those changes may not reflected on this page. Always consult your professor about any discrepancies.

Summer 2014


History 1110- Intro to World History

Bartlett, Stephen, MTWRF 1:00pm, TR 8:00am Nystrom, Elsa- MTWR 5:00pm
Fox, Paul- TR 2:00pm Ronnenberg, Ryan- Online
Goldberg, Kevin- MW 2:00pm Shealy, Howard- MW 11:00am
Gurkas, Hakki- Online Vladimirov, Katya- Online
  Zhang, Jiayan- Online


History 2111- America to 1890

Traille, Kay- MW 2:00pm  


History 2112- America Since 1890

Lands, LeeAnn- MW 2:00pm Slomovitz, Al- Online
Maffitt, Ken- TR 2:00pm Traille, Kay- MW 8:00am
McMahon, Joel- Online Vaught, Seneca- Online
Okie, Tom- MTWRF 8:00am Way, Ivy Holliman- TR 8:00am


History 2206- Origins of Great Traditions

Racel, Masako- MW 2:00pm  


History 3305- The World Since 1945

Fox, Paul- TR 8:00am Zhang, Jiayan- MW 11:00am


HIST 3325 Introduction to Public History Dickey, Jennifer- MTWRF 1:00pm
HIST 3393 Emerging Themes in African History Ogbogbo, Chris- MW 2:00pm
HIST 3398 Internship Dickey, Jennifer
HIST 4454 Twentieth Century Europe Nystrom, Elsa- MTWR 11:00am


Philosophy 2200- Ways of Knowing

Johnson, Clint- Online Soldatenko, Gabriel- MTWRF 1:00pm
Jones, David- MTWR 2:00pm  

PHIL 3100 Ethics

Jones, David- MTWR 11:00am


SSED 7750- Current Trends and Issues in Social Studies Education

Wynn, Charles- Online