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Listed below are the current and past syllabi for courses. Please note that course syllabi sometimes change during a semester and those changes may not reflected on this page. Always consult your professor about any discrepancies.

Spring 2017

History Course Syllabi

HIST 1100- Intro to World History

HIST 1111- Pre-Modern History

  • Bartlett, Stephen - Online
  • Reesor, Victor - TR 3:30pm, TR 5:00pm
  • Swain, Brian - MW 12:30pm, MW 3:30pm
  • Vickrey, Mark - Online

HIST 1112- Modern World History

HIST 2111- United States History to 1877

HIST 2112- United States History Since 1877

HIST 2206- Origins of Great Traditions

HIST 3100- Historical Methods

HIST 3304- History of Georgia

HIST 3305- The World Since 1945

HIST 3311- The New South

  • Patton, Randy - MW 3:30pm

HIST 3331- History of Religion in the U.S.

HIST 3340- U.S. Military Experience

HIST 3355- Modern Ireland

HIST 3358- Africans in Latin America and the Caribbean

HIST 3371- Modern Europe

HIST 3373- Modern India and South Asia

HIST 3374- Modern China and Japan

HIST 3377- History of Science

HIST 3382- North Africa and the Middle East in Modern Times

HIST 3398- Internship

HIST 4400- Directed Study

HIST 4411- The American Revolution

HIST 4424- Museum Education

HIST 4426- Documentation and Interpretation of Historic Sites

HIST 4440- Medieval Europe

HIST 4456- World War II

HIST 4461- Gilded Age & Progressive Era

HIST 4488- Approaches to World History

HIST 4490- Special Topics in History

HIST 4495- Research Seminar in US History

HIST 4497- Research Seminar in non-Western History

HIST 4498- Research Seminar in World History

Philosophy Course Syllabi

PHIL 2110- Religions of the World

PHIL 2200- Ways of Knowing

PHIL 2500- Logic

  • Donahue, Amy - TR 11:00am

PHIL 2700- Methods and Themes in Comparative Philosophy

PHIL 3010- Modern Western Philosophy

PHIL 3110- Social and Political Philosophy

  • Soldatenko, Gabriel - MW 12:30pm

PHIL 4220- Japanese Philosophy

PHIL 4400- Directed Study

  • Gabriel, Soldatenko

PHIL 4460/4499- Major Themes in Philosophy/Senior Seminar

  • Donahue, Amy - TR 9:30pm (Let's Tarka 'bout Sex)


History Education Course Syllabi

HIED 4413/4414 Teaching of Social Sciences (6-12)

  • Syllabus

HIED 4660 Yearlong Clinical Exp II