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Listed below are the current and past syllabi for courses. Please note that course syllabi sometimes change during a semester and those changes may not reflected on this page. Always consult your professor about any discrepancies.

Spring 2015

History 1110- Intro to World History

History 2111- America to 1890

History 2112- America Since 1890

History 2206- Origins of Great Traditions

History 2270- Intro to Themes in History

History 3304- The History of Georgia

History 3305- The World Since 1945

HIST 3315 The History of the American West

HIST 3325 Introduction to Public History

HIST 3326 Historic Preservation

HIST 3331 History of Religion in the U.S.

HIST 3332 U.S. Social and Cultural History

HIST 3333 African American History to 1865

HIST 3337 Greek and Roman History

HIST 3340 U.S. Military Experience

HIST 3342 The Holocaust

HIST 3366 History of Mexico and Central America

HIST 3373 Modern India and South Asia

HIST 3376 Historiographical Debates

HIST 3379 Central Asia in World History

HIST 3391 History of West Africa

HIST 3398 Internship

HIST 4415 Jacksonian America

HIST 4426 Documentation & Interpretation of Historical Sites

HIST 4445 Age of Enlightenment

HIST 4451 Civil War and Reconstruction

HIST 4456 World War II

HIST 4471 Recent United States History

HIST 4488 Approaches to World History

HIST 4490 Tudor- Stuart England

HIST 4490 Modern Europe

HIST 4490 Italian Mafia in History & Film

HIST 4499 The United States in World Affairs, 1914-1990

HIST 4499 Tolerance and Coexistence in Early Modern Europe

HIST 4499 The South Since the Civil War

Philosophy 2110- Religions of the World

Philosophy 2200- Ways of Knowing

PHIL 2700 Methods & Themes in Contemporary Philosophy

PHIL 3010 Modern Western Philosophy

PHIL 3020 American Philosophy

PHIL 3110 Social and Political Philosophy

PHIL 4010 Contemporary Western Philosophy

  • Jones, David- T 2:00pm

PHIL 4220 Japanese Philosophy

PHIL 4460/PHIL 4499 Styles of Critique