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Listed below are the current and past syllabi for courses. Please note that course syllabi sometimes change during a semester and those changes may not reflected on this page. Always consult your professor about any discrepancies.

Spring 2014


History 1110- Intro to World History

Bailey, Kent- MW 3:30pm, MW 5:00pm Perrin, Charles- MW 2:00pm, MW 5:00pm
Bartlett, Stephen- Online Racel, Masako- TR 3:30pm
Cronin, George- MW 6:30pm, MW 8:00pm Reesor, Victor- TR 3:30pm, TR 6:30pm
Fox, Paul- MW 12:30pm, MW 3:30pm, MW 6:30pm Ronnenberg, Ryan- Online
Goldberg, Kevin- MW 8:00am, MW 9:30am, MW 12:30pm Shealy, Howard- TR 9:30am, TR 12:30pm
Gurkas, Hakki- Online Sticklen, Jean- TR 9:30am, TR 12:30pm
Hamil, Donna- MWF 9:00am, MWF 10:00am, MWF 12:00pm Vlachos, Bernadette- MW 2:00pm, MW 5:00pm
Honey, Diana- TR 9:30am, TR 12:30pm Vladimirov, Katya- Online
Hutchinson, Matt- Online Vox, Lisa- TR 12:30pm
Knapton, Jodie- TR 8:00am Walker, Laurie- MW 8:00am
Lebaron, Alan- TR 2:00pm Zhang, Jiayan- Online


History 2111- America to 1890

Brooking, Greg- MW 2:00pm Vox, Lisa- TR 12:30pm


History 2112- America Since 1890

Brooking, Greg- MW 8:00am, MW 11:00am Nicholson, William- MW 6:30pm, MW 8:00pm
Cater, Casey- TR 11:00am, TR 2:00pm, TR 3:30pm Poole, Jerry- TR 8:00am, TR 11:00am
Hooper, John- TR 6:30am, TR 12:30pm Price, William- MW 12:30pm, MW 3:30pm
Hutchinson, Matt- TR 2:00pm Riehm, Edie- TR 6:30pm
Kersey, Terry- MWF 11:00am, MWF 1:00pm, MWF 2:00pm Slomovitz, Al- MW 9:30am, Online
Maffitt, Ken- MW 11:00am Staaf, Christopher- TR 5:00pm
Mannion, Rich- S 8:00am Valenzuela, Pablo- TR 11:00am, TR 12:30pm
McKinzey, Jane- MW 12:30pm Vaught, Seneca- Online
McMahon, Joel- MW 2:00pm, Online Way, Ivy Holliman- MW 12:30pm, MW 3:30pm, WF 8:00am, WF 9:30am
Moran, Lauren- TR 11:00am, TR 12:30pm  


History 2206- Origins of Great Traditions

Bartlett, Stephen- TR 9:30am, TR 2:00pm Zhang, Jiayan- MW 12:30pm
Ronnenberg, Ryan- MW 3:30pm  


History 2270- Intro to Themes in History

Lands, LeeAnn- Online Piecuch, Jim- MW 8:00am
Parker, David- TR 3:30pm  


History 2271- Intro to the History Profession

McKinzey, Jane- MW 9:30am Reeve, Kay- TR 5:00pm


History 3304- The History of Georgia

Patton, Randy- MW 3:30pm Way, Bert- TR 9:30am, TR 2:00pm


History 3305- The World Since 1945

Nystrom, Elsa- TR 5:00pm Voogt, Gerrit- MW 9:30am, MW 12:30pm
Vladimirov, Katya- F 11:00am  


HIST 3321 U.S. Diplomatic History

Piecuch, Jim- MW 3:30pm

HIST 3327 Architectural History

Dickey, Jennifer- TR 2:00pm

HIST 3331 History of Religion in the United States

Parker, David- TR 11:00am

HIST 3335 African American History

Vaught, Seneca- MW 5:00pm

HIST 3340 U.S. Military Experience

Meeler, Joe- TR 3:30pm

HIST 3345 Business & Economic History of the United States

Patton, Randy- MW 12:30pm

HIST 3358 Africans in Latin America and Caribbean

Adebayo, Akanmu- MW 11:00am

HIST 3366 History of Mexico and Central America

Maffitt, Ken- MW 2:00pm

HIST 3373 Modern India & South Asia

Ronnenberg, Ryan- Online

HIST 3374 Modern China and Japan

Zhang, Jiayan- MW 5:00pm

HIST 3376 Historiographical Debates

Dover, Paul- MW 9:30am

HIST 3376 Historiographical Debates

Lebaron, Alan- TR 12:30pm

HIST 3377 History of Science

Keene, Tom- TR 12:30pm

HIST 3379 Central Asia in World History

Gurkas, Hakki- MW 3:30pm

HIST 3398 Internship

Dickey, Jennifer

HIST 4410 Colonial America to 1763

Nystrom, Elsa TR 2:00pm

HIST 4415 Jacksonian America

McGovern, Bryan- 2:00pm

HIST 4426 Documentation & Interpretation of Historical Sites

Brock, Julia- R 2:00pm

HIST 4444 Renaissance & Reformation Europe

Dover, Paul- MW 12:30pm

HIST 4445 Age of the Enlightenment

Voogt, Gerrit- MW 3:30pm

HIST 4451 Civil War & Reconstruction

Wills, Brian- MW 9:30am

HIST 4456 World War II

Meeler, Joe- TR 12:30pm

HIST 4488 Approaches to World History

Traille, Kay- TR 9:30am

HIST 4490 Museum Education

Harker, Richard- M 2:00pm

HIST 4490 Modern Japan

Racel, Masako- TR 11:00am

HIST 4490 Women in the American West

Reeve, Kay- TR 2:00pm
HIST 4490 Sports in World History Nystrom, Elsa- TR 6:30pm
HIST 4499 Crusades & Crusaders 1000-1700 Dover, Paul- MW 3:30pm
HIST 4499 US in World Affairs, 1914-1990 Piecuch, Jim- MW 11:00am

HIST 4499 The Early Modern Witch Craze

Traille, Kay- R 2:00pm


Philosophy 2110- World Religions

Pynn, Tom- TR 11:00am


Philosophy 2200- Ways of Knowing

Bedard, Brandie- TR 9:30am, TR 12:30pm McMurrain, Wendell- TR 12:30pm, TR 2:00pm
Bell, Jeremy- TR 3:30pm, TR 5:00pm Rump, Jacob- MWF 8:00am, MWF 9:00am, MWF 11:00am
Donahue, Amy- MW 9:30am Soldatenko, Gabriel- MW 9:30am, MW 12:30pm
Downey, Justin- MW 3:30pm Whitehead, Andrew- MW 11:00am, MW 12:30pm
Johnson, Clint- Online Williams, Damien- MW 6:30pm, MWF 1:00pm, MWF 5:00pm
Jones, David- TR 11:00am  


PHIL 3010 Modern Western Philosophy Rouse, Susan- MW 2:00pm
PHIL 3020 American Philosophy Rouse, Susan- MW 11:00am
PHIL 3100 Ethics Whitehead, Andrew- MW 5:00pm
PHIL 3110 Social and Political Philosophy Soldatenko, Gabriel- TR 11:00am
PHIL 3130 Feminist Philosophy Donahue, Amy- MW 12:30pm
PHIL 4200 Indian Philosophy Donahue, Amy- MW 3:30pm
PHIL 4460 Comparative Constructions of the Self Jones, David- T 2:00pm


HIED 4413 Teaching of Social Sciences (6-12)
HIED 4414 Teaching of Social Sciences Practicum
HIED 4475 Student Teaching: Social Sciences (6-12)