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Programs: Certificate in Public History

Kennesaw State University's public history certificate program trains students to think critically about the public presentation of history and culture and helps students develop tangible skills that will enable them to pursue graduate study in a number of fields as well as professional or avocational work at historic and cultural sites. Classroom and fieldwork combine to deliver both theoretical understanding of memory and history and practical experience in historic preservation, community documentation, museums, and cultural program development.

To be awarded the Certificate in Public History students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 in certificate requirements. The certificate is awarded with the completion of a bachelorís degree or, if the student already has a bachelorís degree, after the successful completion of the certificate

  1. Required Course (3 credits).
    HIST 2270 - Introduction to Themes in History

  2. Core Courses (6 credits). Complete the two courses below:

    Course NumCourse TitleCredit Hours
    HIST 3325 Introduction to Public History 3
    HIST 3398 Internship* 3

    *Internships must be approved by the Public History Coordinator.
  3. Elective Courses (12 credits). Choose four courses from below:

    Course NumCourse TitleCredit Hours
    HIST 3326 Historic Preservation* 3
    HIST 4426 Documentation and Interpretation** 3
    HIST 4430 Museum Studies* 3
    HIST 4435 History and Memory 3
    HIST 4425 Oral History 3
    HIST 4490 Special Topics 3
    ANTH 4425 Historical Archaeology 3
    HS 3375 Program Development and Evaluation* 3
    HS 3540 Fundraising in Nonprofits* 3
    HIST 3398 Internship*** 3

    *HIST 3325 is a pre-requisite for these courses. See public history program coordinator for a permit to register.
    **HIST 3326 is a pre-requisite for this course.
    ***A second internship may be used as an elective as long as the experiences are independent of each other, with different identifiable learning outcomes. All internships must be approved by the public history program coordinator.

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