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Jennifer Dickey

Coordinator, Public History Program
Assistant Professor of History

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Office: Social Sciences (SO 402), Room 4095
Phone: 470-578-2295
Fax: 470-578-9149


Dr. Jennifer Dickey joined the faculty at KSU in 2008. She has a master’s degree in heritage preservation and a Ph.D. in public history from Georgia State University. Her research focuses on the cultural impact of Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind, a subject upon which Dr. Dickey has delivered public programs in the United States and in Vietnam. Dr. Dickey has also curated an exhibit on the diplomatic history of the United States in Vietnam.

Prior to coming to KSU, Dr. Dickey served as the campus preservation specialist and the director and curator of Historic Berry at Berry College in Rome, Georgia. She has also worked for the National Park Service and for the Historic Preservation Division of the State of Georgia. Dr. Dickey teaches Introduction to Public History, Historic Preservation, Museum Studies, Documentation and Interpretation of Historic Sites, and the History of American Architecture.


Ph.D., Georgia State University
B.S., Berry College

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